Serous Borderline Tumour of the Fallopian Tube: A Case Report

  • Shweta RaiEmail author
  • Indu Arun
  • Dweep Jindal
  • Souptik Gangopadhyay
  • Rohit Tapadia
  • Jaydeep Bhaumik
Case Report


Though serous borderline tumour of ovary is a fairly common occurrence, the tubal origin of this entity is far less seen. We report here a case of serous borderline tumour of fallopian tube managed surgically.


Serous Borderline Fallopian tube 


Authors’ Contribution

SR, first and corresponding author, contributed to conceptualisation, patient care, drafting and writing the manuscript; IA helped in investigating and reviewing the manuscript; DJ and SG contributed to methodology and patient care; RT helped in investigating; and JB contributed to patient care, supervising and reviewing the manuscript.

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We declare that we have no conflict of interest.


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