Pelvic Lymphoma: An Elusive Diagnosis

  • Sandhya Jain
  • Divya Chauhan
  • Shalini RajaramEmail author
  • Bindiya Gupta
  • Amrita Singh
Case Report


Primary pelvic lymphoma is an uncommon tumor. An isolated adnexal or pelvic mass seldom raises the suspicion of lymphoma. They can mimic cancer of ovary, endometrium, cervix or sarcoma. Diagnosis is very important as management changes completely. We report a case of pelvic Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma masquerading as an adnexal mass and posing dilemma in diagnosis. Diagnosis was made on biopsy. She received 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she developed recurrence after 1 year.


Lymphoma Pelvic mass Gynecologic malignancy Non-Hodgkin’s 


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