A Rare Cause of Headache in Common Cancer: Ovarian Carcinoma with Brain Metastasis

  • B. P. AmrithEmail author
  • Venkata Pradeep Babu Koyyala
  • Prasanta K. Dash
  • Varun Goel
  • Divya Bansal
  • Vineet Talwar
Case Report


Brain metastasis is a rare manifestation of any gynecological malignancy. Brain metastasis from ovarian cancers is rare but increasing in the post-chemotherapy era due to increased survival. We report a rare case of ovarian malignancy who had recurrence as an isolated brain metastasis soon after cytoreductive surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy. The management of such cases should be individualized based on site and extent of disease, which usually includes multimodality approach with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.


Carcinoma ovary Brain metastasis 


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  2. 2.Department of PathologyRajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research CentreNew DelhiIndia

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