The Business of Algorithms

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A book review of:

Henschke, A. (2017). Ethics in an age of surveillance. Personal information and virtual identities. Cambridge University Press.

Seele, P. & Zapf, Chr.L. (2017). Die Rückseite der Cloud. Eine Theorie des Privaten ohne Geheimnis. Springer.

Chamayou, G. (2013/2015). Théorie du drone. La Fabrique Editions. English translation 2015, Drone theory (Penguin books UK), A theory of the drone (The New Press, USA).

In this rather long book review, I focus on three recent books that tackle the issue of information and communication technology (ICT), big data, and how algorithms change not only the range of possible business models but also how that business models us as human beings, as citizens and as workers. All three books are written by philosophers, with their respective specialism and focus. Henschke (2017) is written in an analytical tradition of applied ethics, Seele and Zapf (2017) leans towards a Frankfurter Schule analysis, and Chamayou (2015) is the more syncretic of...


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