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Judge Shigeru Oda: A judge with academic and diplomatic experiences

  • Mariko KawanoEmail author


Judge Shigeru Oda is the only judge to date, Japanese or of any other nationality, to have served for three full terms as a member of the International Court of Justice, The Hague. He studied law at the University of Tokyo and the Yale Law School. Judge Oda served the ICJ from 1976 until 2003, when he retired. International law of the sea remained his main area of expertise. Oda is known for appending many declarations, and separate and dissenting opinions to the decisions of the ICJ. In this article I focus mainly on Judge Oda’s declarations and opinions dealing with the functions of the ICJ. I argue that examining Judge Oda’s declarations and opinions offer a coherent view on the ICJ’s judicial functions.


The ICJ Declaration Opinions Existence of an international dispute Jurisdiction Admissibility of the claims Intervention 

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