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Leaders in ethics education

  • Leonardo de CastroEmail author

Leonardo D. de Castro is Professorial Lecturer at the University of the Philippines where he was Chair of the Department of Philosophy from 1991 to 2000 and Full Professor until he retired in 2010. He is concurrently Chair of the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board, the national policy-making body on health research ethics, which is also responsible for promoting public awareness of the importance of ethics in health research.

As member of the UNESCO Advisory Expert Committee for the Teaching of Ethics, he contributed to the development of a Core Curriculum on Bioethics for the agency’s Ethics Teacher Training Course (ETTC). In addition to being lecturer for the ETTC, he has participated in UNESCO’s Assisting Bioethics Committees Program that has provided orientation and training for capacity development of National Bioethics Committees in resource-challenged countries. A consistent contributor to global bioethics education, he has been involved in ethics teaching in Cyprus,...


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