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Dr. Jenny Jiang, an associate professor of the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Dell Medical School’s Department of Oncology, has been named a National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine. “Selected to the National Academy of Medicine’s Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine program for their leadership qualities, these extraordinary individuals represent the next generation of leading scientists, health care providers, public health professionals and policymakers, who are poised to shape the future of science, medicine and health equity,” said NAM President Victor J. Dzau. Dr. Jiang’s research is focused on the mechanics of the immune system, seeking answers to questions such as how the immune system develops and ages, what the molecular signatures of autoimmune diseases are, and why the immune system tolerates tumors. She has developed...


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