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Characterization of a bean rugose mosaic virus isolate and search for virus resistance in a germplasm bank of Phaseolus vulgaris


Common bean is an economically important crop grown in several areas in the world. Among the constraints for this crop development, bean rugose mosaic virus (BRMV) infections can potentially lead to serious yield reduction. Genetic resistance is the most effective control method, and the search for sources of resistance is an essential step. The objective of this study was to biologically characterize the BRMVGO isolate and search for virus resistance in germplasm accessions of Phaseolus vulgaris L. To biologically characterize the isolate, 15 plants, selected from a list of indicators, were inoculated, among them soybean (Glycine max L) and pea (Pisum sativum L). The host range demonstrated that the virus can infect different plant species, reinforcing the need for resistance sources. In order to screen for resistance, 172 P. vulgaris accessions were inoculated with the isolate and scored for disease symptoms at 5, 21 and 30 days after inoculation. Among the evaluated accessions, four exhibited hypersensitive reactions (HR) while the remaining showed typical susceptible reactions. The virus seemed to be restricted and could not be retrieved from the common bean accessions showing HR and they are likely interesting sources of resistance for use in breeding programs.

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This research was supported by CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) and CNPq (Brazilian National Research Council) grants. The authors would like to thank Elliot W. Kitajima and his team for the processing and generation of the electron microscopy images.

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Correspondence to Daniella Vieira Cândida.

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