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Determination of Risky Areas at the Marble Workshops in Terms of Noise

  • Irfan Celal EnginEmail author
  • Erkan Ozkan
  • Selcuk Cetin
Technical Note


Noise is the most persistent physical contaminant in the environment. In this study, noise level and noise propagation were investigated during the working of natural stone cutting–processing machines used in the natural stone workshops. For this purpose, emerged noise was recorded and analyzed while cutting and processing of marble samples in a workshop where side cutting machine (cross-cutting), portable sawing machine and vibratory tumbling machine are used. Noise level maps were prepared by using equivalent noise data obtained from 110 regular points in the natural stone workshop. They were created by building grids using noise propagation variogram models, and plotting contour maps with Surfer version 10.2 software using kriging method. Risky areas were determined using noise propagation maps and also daily noise exposure limit values and working time. For risky areas in which a high level of noise was detected; the working time restriction, use of personal protective equipment or both are required.


Natural stone Workshop Cutting and processing Noise level Kriging 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringAfyon Kocatepe UniversityAfyonkarahisarTurkey
  2. 2.Iscehisar Vocational SchoolAfyon Kocatepe UniversityIscehisarTurkey

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