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New Modified SPIHT Algorithm for Data Compression System

  • Rong-Choi LeeEmail author
  • King-Chu Hung
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This paper presents a new modified set partitioning in hierarchical trees (MSPIHT) algorithm, which is used to generate absolute data values, and to convert decimal numbers into binary as a bit-plane. Then a new encoding method is used to process electrocardiography (ECG) data compression systems. This new ECG compression system uses one-dimensional reversal round-off non-recursive discrete periodized wavelet transform (1D RRO-NRDPWT), a quantization scheme, the new MSPIHT encoding, MSPIHT decoding, an inverse quantization scheme, and an inverse one-dimensional RRO-NRDPWT to reconstruct ECG signals. Experiment results indicate that the proposed new MSPIHT algorithm can ensure that reconstructed and original signals are approximately the same, with low complexity coding. It can also reduce the ECG signal to very few bits, enable the development of smaller devices, reduce the required PC memory capacity, improve performance speed, obtain a high compression ratio and reduce the percentage root mean square difference values. Therefore, this new approach will enhance wireless transmission for improved medical care.


Modified set partitioning in hierarchical trees (MSPIHT) Bit-plane Reversal round-off non-recursive discrete periodized wavelet transform 


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