On the Weyl Law for Quantum Graphs

  • Almasa OdžakEmail author
  • Lamija Šćeta


Roughly speaking, the Weyl law describes the asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues of the Laplacian that can be attached to different objects and can be analyzed in different settings. The form of the remainder term in the Weyl law is very significant in applications, and a power-saving exponent in the remainder term is appreciated. We are dealing with Laplacian defined on compact metric graph with general self-adjoint boundary conditions. The main purpose of this paper is to present application of the special form of the Tauberian theorem for the Laplace transform to the suitably transformed trace formula in the above-mentioned quantum graphs setting. The key feature of our method is that it produces a power-saving form of the reminder term and hence represents improvement in classical methods, which may be applied in other settings as well. The obtained form of the Weyl law is with the power saving of 1 / 3 in the remainder term.


Weyl law Quantum graphs Laplacian Tauberian theorems 

Mathematics Subject Classification

11M45 11F72 81Q10 



Useful and enlightening discussions with professor Lejla Smajlovic are gratefully acknowledged.


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