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Unsteady Bioconvection in a Squeezing Flow of a Couple-Stress Fluid Through Horizontal Channel


The bioconvection in an unsteady flow of an incompressible couple-stress fluid consists of microorganisms between two parallel plates is considered. A model containing coupled non-linear system of partial differential equations for the mass, momentum, energy, mass diffusion, and microorganisms is reduced to a set of non-linear ordinary differential equations with the help of suitable transformations. The resulting non-linear ordinary differential equations are linearized using successive linearization method and then Chebyshev collocation method is used to solve resulting system of linearized ordinary differential equations. The comprehensive investigation demonstrating the impacts of various fluid flow governing physical parameters such as the couple-stress parameter, squeezing parameter, the bioconvection Schmidt number, Prandtl numbers, Lewis number and bioconvection Peclet number on the distributions of dimensionless velocity, temperature, concentration and motile microorganism is graphically presented.

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  • Bioconvection
  • Couplestress fluid
  • Squeezing flow
  • Density of the motile microorganisms