Some Exact Solutions of the Kudryashov–Sinelshchikov Equation Using Point Transformations

  • A. H. Abdel KaderEmail author
  • M. S. Abdel Latif
  • H. M. Nour
Original Paper


In this paper, using the traveling wave ansatz, the Kudryashov–Sinelshchikov equation is transformed into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation. This nonlinear ordinary differential equation is linearized to a linear differential equation using point transformations of the independent and dependent variables. New exact solutions for the Kudryashov–Sinelshchikov equation are obtained. These exact solutions are in the form of dark soliton, bright soliton and periodic solutions.


Exact solutions Soliton solutions Kudryashov–Sinelshchikov equation Linearization of differential equations 



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