Solution of the Blasius Equation by Using Adomian Kamal Transform

  • Rachana KhandelwalEmail author
  • Padama Kumawat
  • Yogesh Khandelwal
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In this article, we present solution of Blasius differential equation with condition at infinity and convert the series solution into rational function by using Pad\( \breve{\hbox{e}} \)s approximation. A new method is introduced, called Adomian Kamal transform method, which is a combination of Adomian decomposition method and Kamal transform, for handling a differential equation of mixing layer that arises in viscous incompressible fluid. It offered not only the numerical values, but also the power series close-form solutions.


Blasuis equation Pad\( \breve{\hbox{e}} \)s approximation Adomian decomposition Kamal transform method 



I thank the reviewers for helpful comments.


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