Solute Transport Phenomena in a Heterogeneous Semi-infinite Porous Media: An Analytical Solution

  • R. R. YadavEmail author
  • Joy Roy
Original Paper


The aim of this study is to develop an analytical solution for one-dimensional advection dispersion equation in semi-infinite heterogeneous porous medium. The pollutants are considered to be of non-reactive and emitted from a time-dependent two-stage point source. Dispersion coefficient is considered proportional to the square of the groundwater velocity while groundwater velocity is proportional to spatially dependent linear function. Initially medium is not solute free. The solute presence is linear function of space. First-order decay and zero-order production are also considered. Flux type boundary condition is assumed at the other end of the domain. A new transformation is used to reduce variable coefficient into a constant coefficient. Laplace Transformation Technique is employed to get the solution of the proposed problem. The obtained results are compared with published result to check its validity and illustrated graphically for parameters and value caused on concentration behaviour.


Advection Dispersion Aquifer Porous medium Laplace transformation 


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