Operational Matrices from a Frame and their Applications in Solving Boundary Value Problems with Mixed Boundary Conditions

  • Mahendra Kumar Jena
  • Kshama Sagar SahuEmail author
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Boundary value problems (BVP) arise in many mathematical model of frontier science. In short, a BVP is a second order ordinary differential equation with boundary conditions prescribed at two distinct points. Usually, we prescribe three types of boundary conditions: Dirichlet, Neumann and Mixed. Among them mixed boundary conditions is little difficult to approach. One of the method to solve the BVP with mixed boundary conditions is the shooting method. In this method, we first convert the BVP into an initial value problems (IVP) and then solve it. We then check whether the solution of IVP is a solution of the BVP. There are standard ways of solving IVPs. Recently, some alternate methods are also used to solve them. For example, several authors use Haar wavelet. Frames are considered as an extension to wavelet. In this paper, we construct operational matrices from a frame and then apply them to solve the IVP which is obtained from the given BVP by shooting method. This method is simple and easy to use because we construct the operational matrix once, store it and then apply it any times we want. Moreover, we also show that the given operational matrix method converges quadratically.


Boundary value problem Frame Initial value problem Mixed boundary condition Newton’s method Operational matrix Shooting method 



We are very much thankful to the referees who give their precious time to read this manuscript and give their judgement to improve the quality of the paper.


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