Lie Symmetry Reductions and Solitary Wave Solutions of Modified Equal Width Wave Equation

  • Rajan Arora
  • Antim ChauhanEmail author
Original Paper


In this paper, we obtained the exact and solitary wave solutions of modified equal width wave equation by using Lie symmetry method. With the help of MAPLE software we obtained infinitesimal generators and commutation table. Lie symmetry transformation has been used for converting nonlinear partial differential equation into nonlinear ordinary differential equation. Then, we used tanh method and power series method for solving reduced nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Convergence of power series solution has also been shown.


Modified equal width wave (MEWW) equation Lie symmetry analysis method Tanh method Power series solution Symbolic computation 



The second author is thankful to the “University Grants Commission (UGC)” India for financial support to carry out her research work.


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