Accepted Abstracts for Presentation at the AAPdN Annual Conference April 21, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV


Blood Flow Differences Between High and Low Levels of Inattention

Huda Abu-Suwa, B.S., Christopher Burley, B.A., Ashleigh Lupton, B.S., Charles Golden, Ph.D., Daniel Amen, MD

ObjectiveTo compare rCBF differences, as measured by SPECT, in children with self-reported high and low levels of inattention

Method Participants were part of an archival database and were chosen based on their scores on a self-reported symptom checklist. The highest and lowest 20% of inattentive scores were used as cutoffs for establishing groups. The high inattentive group consisted of 978 participants (mean age = 12.03, SD = 3.33; males = 726; Caucasian = 474), and the low group consisted of 841 participants (mean age = 12.12, SD = 3.74; males = 563; Caucasian = 397). T tests were used to measure rCBF differences between the groups, while controlling for gender. The differences were measured across 17 brain areas, at baseline and while completing the CPT-II.

ResultsSignificant differences were found in the...

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