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Acknowledgement to Referees

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Acknowledgement to Referees

Dear Reader,

As we reach the final issue of Drug SafetyCase Reports we would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and effort to guarantee the high quality of our content.

We thank the authors who have contributed articles to Drug SafetyCase Reports. We would also like to thank the following individuals who acted as reviewers for Drug SafetyCase Reports in the last 12 months:

Sevim Bavbek, Turkey

Rachel M. Carpenter, USA

Bruno Censori, Italy

Wen W. Chen, Taiwan, Republic of China

Maria Ciccone, Italy

Moussab Damlaj, Saudi Arabia

Jose Danilo B. Diestro, Canada

Star Khoza, South Africa

Stephan Kraehenbuehl, Switzerland

Onyebuchi Okosieme, UK

Antonello Pani, Italy

Tejas Patel, India

Atmaram P. Pawar, India

John O. Prior, Switzerland

Ralph Santos-Oliveira, Brazil

Ji-Su Shim, Republic of Korea

Edward Walter, UK

Wan-Hazabbah Wam Hitam, Malaysia

Hai-Ling Yuan, China

In addition, we would like to thank the members of the journal’s Honorary Editorial Board, who have acted as peer reviewers and authors, and have provided guidance on journal content, policy and processes:

Felix Arellano, Switzerland

Jeffrey Aronson, UK

Haleh Bagheri, France

Brian Baldo, Australia

Jo Barnes, New Zealand

Ian Boyd, Australia

Peter Brooks, Australia

Paola Cutroneo, Italy

Richard Day, Australia

I. Ralph Edwards, Sweden

Neila Fathallah, Tunisia

Robin Ferner, UK

Carmen Ferrajolo, Italy

Antonis Goulas, Greece

Bernhard Guillot, France

Raquel Herrera Comoglio, Argentina

Judith Jones, USA

Jimmy Jose, Oman

David Juurlink, Canada

Joan-Ramon Laporte, Spain

Emmanuel Okoro, Nigeria

Samir Praharaj, India

Elizabeth Roughead, Australia

M. Wasif Saif, USA

Ruth Savage, New Zealand

Rashmi Shah, UK

Rachida Soulaymani Bencheikh, Morocco

Rolf Teschke, Germany

Thierry Trenque, France

Gianluca Trifirò, Italy

Jack Uetrecht, Canada

Florence van Hunsel, The Netherlands

We do hope that you have found the articles published in Drug SafetyCase Reports to be interesting and informative.

With best wishes,

Nitin Joshi

Editor-in-Chief Drug SafetyCase Reports

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