Certification of Disability Due to Mental Illness: India and Other Countries

  • Chethan BasavarajappaEmail author
  • Hareesh Angothu
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Mental illnesses (MI) are very common and cause significant disability. Persons with disability (PWD) should be treated equally and their rights should be respected. Various governments have formulated specific social welfare measures (SWM) for PWD for this cause. The SWMs and the eligibility criteria for availing them are different in different countries depending on the socio-economic condition of the country. We wanted to look at the process of certification of disability due to MI followed in different countries. The process in India, Australia, Canada, Nepal, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States of America was reviewed. The process of certification is discussed in this article. In many countries, the scales are generic, not specific to MI; Psychiatrists’ role is to assess the impairment and disability assessment is done by other professionals. A scientific appraisal of the processes in different countries helps in learning from the best practices.


Disability Disability certification Mental illness Disability certification process Disability assessment 



We like to express our sincere gratitude to Professor Dr Jagadisha Thirthalli for his constant support, advice and encouragement throughout the study.


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