Characterization and Corrosion Studies of TiAlN PVD Coating by Using the Polarization Test Method

  • Vijayasarathi Prabakaran Email author


In the present study, the TiAlN coatings were deposited on Martensitic stainless steel AISI410 using PVD sputtering technique. In this investigation, the adhesion strength, microstructure, mechanical properties were studied via X-ray diffraction (XRD), non-indentation, and micro-scratch tests. The effect of TiAlN coating on scratch test was also examined by Scanning electron microscope (SEM). Also, a corrosion resistance of the substrate and TiAlN-coated specimen in 3.5% NaCl was evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization method. It was observed that the TiAlN coating exposes superior corrosion resistance than uncoated AISI410 specimen.


TiAlN coating Corrosion resistance SEM-EDX Surface morphology 



The author would like to thank Sri Y. V. Anjaneyulu, Chairman, Er. D. Vinaykumar, B.Tech, Director, Dr. P. Pandarinath, M.Tech, Ph.D, Principal and Prof N. SatyaNarayana, Senior Professor, Mechanical Department of Chalapathi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chalapathi Nagar, Lam, Guntur-522034 for their constant encouragement in all endeavors. The author would also like to thank to the reviewer for providing their useful comments, suggestions, and guidelines during the course of revision to improve the technical quality of the present paper.


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