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  • Peter G. M. de Jong

Welcome to the supplement issue of Medical Science Educator dedicated to the 22nd Annual Meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators held in Henderson, NV, USA, on June 9–12, 2018, on the topic of “Integrating Nutrition and Wellness Education in Teaching the Health Sciences.”

As per tradition, we present in this annual supplement all the abstracts of the posters and oral presentations that were accepted for presentation at the meeting. I am honored to present to you contributions of three of the keynote speakers at the meeting. In this issue, we include short articles from Drs Pijl, Kushner, and Slavin. With their excellent presentations at the meeting, they shared their valuable thoughts and opinions, and by the short articles in this issue, their valuable messages will also reach the readership of the journal.

This year, IAMSE awarded a Distinguished Career Award as well as an Early Career Award to two active members in the organization for their extraordinary excellence in teaching and educational scholarship. The recipients of the award, Drs Woods and Harris, are presented in more detail further on in this issue.

I believe that this journal issue is important to review not only for the meeting attendees, but also for those readers who were unable to attend the meeting in person. I hope this issue of Medical Science Educator will give all of us a nice overview of the work presented at the IAMSE meeting in Henderson, and make you consider visiting or contributing to the 2019 meeting in Roanoke, VA, USA, or any other international IAMSE meeting in the future.

Peter G.M. de Jong, PhD



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