Beate Krickel, The Mechanical World: The Metaphysical Commitments of the New Mechanistic Approach, Springer 2018

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The Mechanical Worldis an inquiry on an underexplored facet of the increasingly popular new mechanistic approach in philosophy of science: the metaphysical commitments associated with mechanistic explanations. The core tenet of the new mechanistic approach, as presented in the introductory chapter of the book, is that scientific explanations amount to descriptions of the mechanisms responsible for the phenomena to be explained. Mechanisms are typically depicted as systems or sequences of causally interacting parts organized such that they produce phenomena. This new view on scientific explanation is meant to replace the traditional covering law model proposed by the logical positivists. Its main motivations are, on the one hand, the absence of regularities that may qualify as genuine laws in the life and social sciences, and, on the other hand, the predominance of mechanistic talk in these very same disciplines. The main goal pursued throughout the book is to provide a clearer...


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