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This a collection of research or reflection of Looking China Youth Film Project. All the authors are deeply involved in this project in deferent positions.

Looking China Youth Film Project is a cultural experience program inviting first-time foreign visitors to contact Chinese culture by making a 10-min short movie with Chinese student volunteers, created by Editor-in-Chief of this journal, Professor Huang Huilin, and sponsored by Huilin Foundation under Beijing Normal University. The young directors will spend about 2 weeks in China and finish the film before they go back home. Each year, AICCC invites 100 young filmmakers to visit China. Since 2011, Looking China has received 610 young filmmakers from 77 universities of 60 countries. The filmmakers are usually divided into 10 teams, each team will be conducted by an invited international supervisor.

Ian Lang, who acted as a jury of Golden Lenses Awards which is specifically designed for Looking China films, leads the first section of five research articles on Looking China, with his coauthors, Josko Petkovic, and Rebecca Yang Zhuofan. This article gives us a big picture of Looking China from the perspective of international short video production.

Aldo Caldarelli from University of Macerata, Italy, took part in Looking China as a young filmmaker in 2016 and completed a 10 min movie about local folk music and dance in Yunnan province. He wrote this article a half year later as a submission for the first academic conference of Looking China in November 2017 and started the text research of Looking China films.

Dr. Celilia Mello from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Professor Arun Gupta from the National Institute of Design, India, and Professor Geoff Poister from Boston University, USA, are all international supervisors we invited to help young filmmakers. Their articles are based on their direct and personal experiences of Looking China and reveal the potential values of Looking China in Ethnography, Cross-Cultural Communication, Education and Sociology.

The rest six articles are short notes from international supervisors, Joseph H. Carr representing Oxford Brooks University, UK, Joon-Nie Lau representing Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Predrag Velinovic representing Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, Asaf Zippor representing Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, Israel, Ovidiu Georgescu representing Faculty of Film, National University of Theatre and Film ‘I. L. Caragiale’, Bucharest, Romania, and Helen Gaynor representing The School of Film & Television, Faculty of Fine Art & Music, University of Melbourne, Australia. Without their effort and good teaching methods, we could not result in wonderful short films, and it would not be possible for us to rediscover our culture from outsider’s perspectives.

The goal of Looking China is to borrow young filmmaker’s lenses and revisit Chinese culture in a visual language that everyone can understand. We believe disciplines such as Film Studies, International Communication, International Relationship, Cross-Cultural Communication, Anthropology, Pedagogy, etc. can use this project as a case, and this collection can be the starting point of such a research work.

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