2015 Looking China, a unique project

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Being a scriptwriter myself, I have been teaching scriptwriting for over 12 years now, and in the last 5 years I am residing as head of the scriptwriting department in the tisch school of film and television at the art faculty in Tel Aviv University in Israel, to China. So for me 2015 Looking China was about telling stories.

But how can you tell the story of a place you have never been to, and all you know about is what you saw in films or pictures or some information you got from the news or downloaded from the internet or from hearing someone who has just came back from a 14 days organized tour to the main touristic sights of China?

I teach my students they must always write and make films about subjects they are familiar with, so they can really have a deep understating of the people and stories they write about. So how can they travel across the globe and still tell their own stories, they asked me.

My answer was simple and it is exactly what I teach That whatever you write about,...

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