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Devi Vijay and Rohit Varman (eds): Alternative organisations in India: undoing boundaries

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2018
  • Manish ThakurEmail author
Book Review

This edited volume comprising eight essays is a well-executed academic intervention in the contemporary politics of knowledge production. The editorial introduction presents the well-argued case for attending to organisational settings and situations that are silenced by conventional managerial discourses. There is a conscious effort to question the spread of the North America centric discourses and practices of management as the sole referent of scientific knowledge. Nowadays, the American template is seen as universal, and much of Indian scholarship in management speaks to this template with feeble and occasional attempts at cultural adaptation by turning to Indian cases. As a result, such writings perpetuate distortions of our social, political, economic and institutional contexts by presenting some sort of ahistorical and decontextualised approaches to studying management and organisations in India. Not surprisingly, modern for-profit corporation emerges as the sole legitimate...

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