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Integrated Residency in Psychiatry: an Innovative Model of Medical Training in Brazil

  • Marcelo Bruno GenerosoEmail author
  • Paulo Naoum Mazaferro
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

An ideal model of psychiatry residency training is still under debate [1, 2]. There have been different structural designs adopted, but reaching a consensus on a format capable of training residents in all different complex competencies involved in mental health care remains an ongoing challenge worldwide [2, 3].

Despite the variety of mental health care facilities available in Brazil, psychiatry residency training still is mostly concentrated in tertiary and teaching hospitals constituted with traditional inpatient and outpatient units. We hereby present an innovative model of integrated psychiatry residency organized by the Secretariat of Health of the city of São Paulo.

In 1988, Brazil institutionalized a unified public health system, named SUS, accessible for all citizens [4]. It is equipped with all levels of care with guiding principles of universality, integrality, and equity. Within this system are several care networks. Among them is the psychosocial network...


Compliance with Ethical Standards

This study is a curriculum reform report meeting all ethical standards.


Besides working in the Secretariat of Health of the City of São Paulo, Brazil, the authors reported no biomedical financial interests.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Municipal Health School, Secretariat of HealthSão PauloBrazil

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