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A stratification of \(B^4(2,K_C)\) over a general curve


Let C be a smooth curve of genus \(g\ge 10\) with general moduli. We show that the Brill–Noether locus \(B^4(2,K_C)\) contains irreducible subvarieties \({\mathcal {B}}_3\supset {\mathcal {B}}_4\supset \cdots \supset {\mathcal {B}}_n\), where each \({\mathcal {B}}_k\) has dimension \(3g-10-k\) and \({\mathcal {B}}_3\) is an irreducible component of the expected dimension the Brill–Noether number \(\rho =3g-13\).

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Correspondence to Abel Castorena.

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Abel Castorena is supported by PAPIIT IN100716, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

Graciela Reyes-Ahumada is supported by a FORDECYT(CONACyT, México) fellowship.

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Castorena, A., Reyes-Ahumada, G. A stratification of \(B^4(2,K_C)\) over a general curve. Bol. Soc. Mat. Mex. 26, 27–36 (2020).

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  • Vector bundles
  • Brill–Noether loci
  • Moduli of curves

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • Primary 14C20
  • Secondary 14H60
  • 14J26