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Some cubics with finite-dimensional motive

  • Robert LaterveerEmail author
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This small note presents in any dimension a family of cubics that have finite-dimensional motive (in the sense of Kimura). As an illustration, we verify a conjecture of Voevodsky for these cubics and a conjecture of Murre for the Fano variety of lines of these cubics.


Algebraic cycles Chow groups Motives Finite-dimensional motives Cubics 

Mathematics Subject Classification

14C15 14C25 14C30 



This note is a belated echo of the Strasbourg 2014-2015 groupe de travail based on the monograph [35]. Thanks to all the participants for the pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. Many thanks to Yasuyo, Kai, and Len for lots of enjoyable after-work apéritifs.


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