On some differential-geometric aspects of the Torelli map

  • Alessandro GhigiEmail author


In this note we survey recent results on the extrinsic geometry of the Jacobian locus inside \(\mathsf {A}_g\). We describe the second fundamental form of the Torelli map as a multiplication map, recall the relation between totally geodesic subvarieties and Hodge loci and survey various results related to totally geodesic subvarieties and the Jacobian locus.

Mathematics Subject Classification

14C30 14D07 14H10 14H15 14H40 32G20 



The author wishes to thank Professors L. Biliotti and G. P. Pirola for very interesting discussions and Professor J. S. Milne for very interesting emails. Funding was provided by MIUR PRIN 2015, GNSAGA of INDAM.


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