Vasa Praevia: A Nightmare to Good Outcome

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Vasa praevia is a real nightmare for obstetricians if not diagnosed prenatally. We report five cases of vasa praevia with different presentations and outcomes. In the first case, vasa praevia was not diagnosed during the antenatal period and the baby was stillborn due to ruptured fetal vessels. In the other four cases, vasa praevia was diagnosed in antenatal period and all the cases had good outcomes. In one case there was evidence of marginal and velamentous cord insertion in the same placenta. Pregnancies were terminated in three cases by elective caesarean section with good perinatal outcome. In one case vasa praevia and placenta praevia resolved in third-trimester, and the baby was delivered vaginally. In all cases placental location was low lying at second-trimester anomaly scan. Hence it is important to check placental site cord insertion and presence of blood vessels near internal os in high risk cases in the second and third-trimester.

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  • Vasa praevia
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