Introduction to the Topical Collection on Regional Renewable Energy – Africa

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Regional Renewable Energy - Africa (D Arent and N Lee, Section Editors)
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The investments in and provision of power across the African continent are undergoing dramatic transitions brought on by unprecedented technological advances, falling generation costs, and utility business model changes. This transition, now at various stages across the diverse continent, will employ novel approaches and recognize a diverse group of energy users and decision makers—powering development with the region’s abundant supply of renewable energy resources. Policymakers, planners, and the private sector in Africa, like those around the globe, are employing new approaches to take advantage of economically attractive renewable energy generation, ranging from innovations in distributed systems enabling higher penetrations of renewable energy, micro- and mini-grids powered entirely by solar photovoltaics and storage for energy access, to large-scale renewable power generation and grid and market integration.

Although domestic fossil fuel and large-scale hydropower...


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