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Dental Public Health: the Future of Oral Health Care Delivery

  • Robert J. CollinsJr.Email author
Dental Public Health (R Collins, section editor)
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The theme of this special section on public health dentistry explores how changes in demographics, financing, and approaches to patient care and management may affect the oral care delivery system now and in the future. Although oral care delivery has historically represented a small portion of the mission of dental public health, this has changed as access to care for underserved groups has received increased attention. To this end, a distinguished group of authors agreed to accept my challenge to develop papers in specific areas that would attempt to reflect on the status quo and project likely future scenarios. In doing so, they have generated much food for thought that we hope will be helpful to emerging leaders in public health and dentistry.

Dental insurance (or, as some prefer, “dental prepayment”) has grown immensely from its modest beginnings following WWII, yet for most of the ensuing decades, the dental care delivery system has remained essentially the same. Now, changes...


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