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Materials and Processes for CAD/CAM Complete Denture Fabrication

  • Nadim Z. BabaEmail author
Dental Restorative Materials (M Özcan, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

The motive of this article is to single out the materials and processes available for the fabrication of CAD/CAM complete dentures.

Recent Findings

CAD/CAM complete denture fabrication has become accessible for complete dentures with a variety of techniques available for the fabrication of the prostheses. The majority of the manufacturers use subtractive manufacturing for the fabrication of their dentures while only one manufacturer proposes an additive technique. Several digital systems are available for the fabrication of CAD/CAM dentures.


The integration of CAD/CAM technology into complete denture design and fabrication helps improve the quality of the dentures and simplify the laboratory work. Time-consuming laboratory procedures are reduced or eliminated allowing the dental technician to ensure reproducible, efficient, and accurate prostheses.


CAD/CAM Complete denture Digital Denture design Prosthesis Edentulism 


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