Sonographic diagnosis of clinically unsuspected thrombosis of the medial marginal vein and dorsal arch of the foot

  • Marco BeccioliniEmail author
  • Stefano Galletti
  • Gianfranco Vallone
  • Salvatore Massimo Stella
  • Vincenzo Ricci
Case Report


Foot pain is common in daily clinical practice but thrombosis of the foot veins is rarely considered as a differential diagnosis. Several cases of plantar veins thrombosis are reported in literature but a detailed description of ultrasonographic findings in case of thrombosis of the dorsal venous arch of the foot is lacking. We report a case of ours with a thrombosis of the medial marginal vein and dorsal venous arch of the foot, showing its close anatomical relation with the extensor hallucis longus tendon.


Foot Veins Medial marginal vein Dorsal venous arch Thrombosis Ultrasound 



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