Spontaneous regression of cystic dysplasia of the rete testis in an 18-month-old boy: the key role of ultrasonography

  • Giada Pizzuti
  • Dacia Di RenzoEmail author
  • Antonello Persico
  • Pierluigi Lelli Chiesa
Case Report


Cystic dysplasia of the rete testis (CDT) is a rare cause of scrotal swelling in children. It is a congenital disorder and it can be associated with other genitourinary abnormalities. At present, there is no clear consensus on treatment. Surgical approach has traditionally been the treatment of choice, while, more recently, conservative approach has been applied, justified by the benign nature of the lesion and after few cases of spontaneous regression have been documented. Ultrasonography, supported by negative tumor markers, plays a key role in the diagnostic work up and during observational follow-up. We report a further case of spontaneous regression of suspected CDT in an 18-month-old boy, who has been followed with clinic and ultrasonographic checks.


Cystic dysplasia Rete testis Ultrasound Non-operative management Regression 


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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Ethical approval

The work has been approved by the ethical committee of the G.d’Annunzio University. Consent to publish the case report was not obtained from the patient, because this report does not contain any personal information that could lead to the identification of the patient.


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  • Giada Pizzuti
    • 1
  • Dacia Di Renzo
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    Email author
  • Antonello Persico
    • 1
  • Pierluigi Lelli Chiesa
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  1. 1.Pediatric Surgery Unit“G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti, “Spirito Santo” Hospital of PescaraPescaraItaly

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