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Synchronization on the adaptive sliding mode controller for fractional order complex chaotic systems with uncertainty and disturbances

  • Ayub Khan
  • NasreenEmail author
  • Lone Seth Jahanzaib


The present paper purports to examine and analyse the concept of non identical complex chaotic systems of fractional order with external bounded disturbances and uncertainties. Hybrid projective synchronization has been achieved between fractional order complex Lu-system (drive system) and complex T-system (slave system). The adaptive sliding mode control technique has been used to design control law through suitable sliding surface and estimate the uncertainties and external disturbances in order to establish the stability of controlled system by using allied theorems. Also we have compared our results with prior published literature results to determine the supremacy of considered methodology. Computer simulations outcomes have established the efficacy and adeptness of the prospective scheme.


Fractional order complex chaotic system Hybrid projective synchronization Adaptive sliding mode control technique 

Mathematics Subject Classification

37D45 37E99 37F99 37N10 



The second author is funded by the Junior Research fellowship of University Grant Commission, India ( Ref. No.: 19/06/2016(i)EU-V ).


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