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, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 1242–1251 | Cite as

On the stability of non-stationary nonlinear difference systems with switching

  • A. V. PlatonovEmail author


Stability problem for a class of non-stationary nonlinear switched systems is investigated. It is assumed that right-hand sides of considered systems are described by homogeneous functions. Conditions of preservation of asymptotic stability under discretization of the systems are obtained. These conditions depend on the rate of change of time-varying parameters of the systems and on the switching law constraints. The Lyapunov direct method is used. Also, the problem of stabilization of switched difference systems by means of nonlinear feedback is studied. Some numerical examples are presented to illustrate obtained results.


Non-stationary homogeneous difference systems Switched systems Asymptotic stability Lyapunov functions Nonlinear stabilization 


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