A general robust method for the synchronization of fractional-integer-order 3-D continuous-time quadratic systems

  • Hannachi Fareh Email author


In this paper, a general robust synchronization method for fractional-order and integer-order 3-D continuous-time quadratic systems is introduced. Based on the idea of the decomposition of the controller in the response system in two sub-controllers and the stability theory of the linear integer-order system, we design the effective controller to achieve synchronization between fractional-order and integer-order 3-D quadratic continuous-time systems. Finally, the fractional-order Lü system and the Rössler system of integer order are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented method with numerical simulation.


Fractional-order system Integer-order system Synchronization 3-D chaotic system Chaotic attractor 

Mathematics Subject Classification

26A33 34D20 37D45 37C75 


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