Optimal kinematic design of a single-DOF planar grasper based on metaheuristic optimization

  • Navid Eqra
  • Sajjad TaghvaeiEmail author
  • Ramin Vatankhah
Technical Paper


A method is proposed for optimal synthesis of a grasper mechanism for circular objects. A single-DOF linkage-type grasper is developed considering the geometry of the target objects. The mechanism consists of successive coupled four-bar linkages and is capable of grasping circular objects with desirable range of diameter. The synthesis problem is formulated as a constraint optimization problem, while adaptive inertia weight particle swarm optimization (AIW-PSO) approach is used to carry out the solutions. Biomechanical and industrial applications for the mechanism are suggested and investigated by simulations as case studies. To demonstrate the effectiveness of AIW-PSO on the problem, a comparison with two other well-known metaheuristic algorithms namely PSO and genetic algorithm is done. The results show the efficiency of the proposed algorithm and the performance of the mechanism.


Optimal design Mechanism design Adaptive PSO Nature-inspired Optimization Grasp 



We are grateful to Mr. Mohammad Reza Manaberi for providing us the 3D model of the linkage.


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  1. 1.School of Mechanical EngineeringShiraz UniversityShirazIran

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