Study on mechanical and morphological properties of sisal/banana/coir fiber-reinforced hybrid polymer composites

  • A. BalajiEmail author
  • K. Sivaramakrishnan
  • B. Karthikeyan
  • R. Purushothaman
  • J. Swaminathan
  • S. Kannan
  • R. Udhayasankar
  • A. Haja Madieen
Technical Paper


Recently, polymer composite materials are the most widely used elements in engineering applications. In this work, hybrid polymer composites of epoxy (E) reinforced with sisal (SF), banana (BF), coir (CF) and sisal/banana/coir (SBCF) fibers were fabricated by compression molding process. Five different kinds of laminates were prepared in the following stacking sequence of E, E/SF, E/BF, E/CF and E/SBCF of 30% SF,BF, CF with 70% of E and 10% of each fiber with 70% of E. Mechanical properties like tensile, flexural, impact and hardness strength in addition to water absorption test were evaluated and compared. Interfacial analysis was also carried out with the help of scanning electron microscope to study the micro-structural behavior of the tested specimen. The chemical formation of the new polymer composites and hybrid polymer composites was analyzed by means of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy technique additionally. The mechanical results showed that among these polymer composites, E/SF polymer composites were found to possess enhanced strength.


Hybrid composites Biocomposites Polymer composites Mechanical strength FT-IR 



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