Heat transfer in stagnation-point flow of a Jeffrey fluid past a lubricated surface

  • Khalid Mahmood
  • Muhammad Noveel SadiqEmail author
  • Muhammad Sajid
  • Nasir Ali
Technical Paper


In this manuscript, heat transfer in flow of Jeffrey fluid past a lubricated surface near a stagnation point is considered. A shear-thinning (power-law) fluid is utilized for the lubrication purpose. The interfacial conditions are developed by applying the continuity of velocity and shear stress of Jeffrey and power-law fluids. Similarity solutions are obtained by selecting power-law index as 0.5. Approximate numerical results are achieved using Keller box scheme. Effects of involved parameters in the presence of lubrication are expressed by graphs and tables. It is found that the lubricant enhances the effects of the retardation parameter while opposes the ratio parameter effects. The temperature is reduced in the presence of the lubricant.


Power-law fluid Jeffrey fluid Interfacial conditions Stagnation-point flow Keller box method Heat transfer 

List of symbols


Flow rate


Fluid pressure


Thickness of lubrication layer

x, y

Rectangular coordinates

u, v

Velocity components of Jeffrey fluid in horizontal and vertical direction

U, V

Velocity components of power-law fluid in horizontal and vertical direction


Free stream velocity


Time relaxation-to-retardation ratio


Flow behavior index of power-law fluid


Consistency coefficient of power-law fluid


Viscosity of power-law fluid


Thermal diffusivity


Deborah number


Slip parameter


Prandtl number


The retardation parameter


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  • Khalid Mahmood
    • 1
  • Muhammad Noveel Sadiq
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    Email author
  • Muhammad Sajid
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  • Nasir Ali
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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and StatisticsInternational Islamic UniversityIslamabadPakistan

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