Impact of enhancing diffusion on Carreau–Yasuda fluid flow over a rotating disk with slip conditions

  • Mair Khan
  • T. SalahuddinEmail author
  • M. Y. Malik
Technical Paper


The present study is devoted to acquire non-similar solutions for the behavior of slip conditions on the steady MHD Carreau–Yasuda fluid flow over a rotating disk. In order to examine the heat transfer phenomena, superior form of Fourier’s law is used and the conductivity of the fluid is assumed to be changeable. The nonlinear partial differential equations leading the flow and thermal field are written in the non-dimensional ordinary differential form by using suitable transformations. The non-dimensional set of coupled ordinary differential equations is solved using the RK method. The impact of various non-dimensional physical parameters on velocity and temperature fields is explored. The numerical results of resistant force in terms of the skin friction coefficient are revealed graphically for various physical parameters involved in the problem.


MHD Slip conditions Generalized Fourier’s law Variable thermal conductivity Carreau–Yasuda fluid model Rotating disk Shooting method 

List of symbols

\(C_{f} ,C_{g}\)

Skin friction coefficient


Weissenberg number


Fluid parameter


Power law index


Time constant


Dimensionless stream function


Thermal conductivity (Wm−1K−1)


Extra tensor


Zero shear rate viscosity

\(\mu_{\infty }\)

Infinite shear rate viscosity


Generally supposed to be constant


Prandtl number


Fluid pressure


Heat capacity of the fluid (Jm−3K−1)


Effective heat capacity of the nanoparticle material (Jm−3K−1)


Wall heat flux


Local Reynolds number


Temperature base thermal diffusivity (m2s−1)


Similarity variable


Dimensionless temperature


Kinematic viscosity of the fluid


Fluid density (kgm−1)


Nanoparticle mass density (kgm−1)


Electrical conductivity of the fluid


Velocity slip parameter


Hartmann number


Thermal relaxation parameter


Stream function (m2s−1)

Condition at the free stream


Condition of the surface


Tangential slip parameter


Fluid temperature (K)


Temperature at the stretching sheet (K)


Ambient temperature (K)


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  2. 2.Department of MathematicsMirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST)MirpurPakistan

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