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Bilateral supplemental maxillary central incisors with double-tooth like appearance

  • R. P. AnthonappaEmail author
  • S. Sudhakar
  • N. M. King
Case Report



Supplemental teeth refer to extra teeth that resemble the normal tooth series. Bilateral supplemental central incisors in a healthy individual are rare and bilateral supplemental incisors with double-tooth like appearance are exceptionally rare and has not been previously reported in the dental literature.

Case report

This clinical report describes an 8-year old healthy Indian boy referred for the management of delayed eruption of his permanent maxillary incisor teeth. Following clinical and radiographic examination the two supplemental incisors closer to the midline were extracted under local analgesia and both of them exhibited double-tooth like appearance.


The present case refutes the conventional wisdom that “supplemental teeth are usually smaller than the normal tooth type they resemble and occur distal to the normal tooth series”, illustrates that the unusual can occur and that the clinician should be aware of such variations.


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  2. 2.Private PracticeBangaloreIndia

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