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Common dental features and craniofacial development of three siblings with Ter Haar syndrome

  • K. ParkerEmail author
  • R. Pabla
  • N. Hay
  • P. Ayliffe
Case Report



Ter Haar syndrome is a rare genetic syndrome with <30 cases reported worldwide. There is nothing within the published literature regarding the dental development and dental features of these patients.

Case report

This case series examines three patients with Ter Haar syndrome and tracks their dental development and identifies common dental and skeletal features.


All three patients received dental treatment and regular follow-up at Great Ormond Street Hospital Dental Department.


These patients have many common dental and craniofacial features which poses the question as to whether these features are due to Ter Haar syndrome.


Ter Haar syndrome Dental development Craniofacial 


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  1. 1.Dental and Maxillofacial DepartmentGreat Ormond Street Hospital for ChildrenLondonUK

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