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“Single-stage turbocharging has great potential”

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Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH, or KBB for short, has been developing, manufacturing and selling exhaust-gas turbochargers with both axial and radial turbines since 1953. These turbochargers are used on medium-speed diesel and gas engines in ships, locomotives as well as on generator plants. In an interview with MTZindustrial, Dr. Silvio Risse, Head of Turbocharging Technical Department, explains which current and future turbocharger developments the company is working on.

MTZindustrial _ Multi-stage turbocharging systems seem to be gaining more and more acceptance. What do you think, in what applications will single-stage systems remain in the future?

Risse_ KBB also offers two-stage turbocharging systems, namely the turbochargers in our K2B system. But we still believe that single-stage turbocharging has great potential in terms of the effective operation of large engines. Even though thermodynamic constraints limit the maximum achievable pressure ratio to around 6:1, there is a...

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