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IMES | Cylinder Pressure Sensor

IMES has developed a new sensor for continuous cylinder pressure measurement on low speed two-stroke engines. Designated TCS-01CA, the combustion sensor is designed to enable both cylinder balancing to optimise fuel consumption and wear, and performance evaluation in round-the-clock operation based on the delivery of high precision data (< 1% full scale). For permanent installation, the sensors are installed in special adaptors between the cylinder cover and indicator cock, considerably reducing the build-up of combustion residues at the sensor membrane. Imes notes that its TCS-01CA sensor has been robustly designed for long service life, including a closed face to prevent sooting. Examples have been installed on the cargo+ ship Hedda Schulte since August 2015, and are still giving high accuracy and reliability after more than 10,000 operating hours, Imes states.

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