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Development of Gas Valves for Multi-point Admission

  • Peter Christiner
  • Claudia Gasselsdorfer
  • Markus Schmitzberger
Cover Story Engine Design and Systems

To meet demand for robust gas admission valves with multi-point port injection, Bosch initiated the development of a new generation of valves for large bore gas engines. Using the same solenoid assembly for all applications, the valves can be adapted to geometric flow areas from 50 to 400 mm2 for port admission of gas on engines producing 50 to 500 kW/cyl.


The trend towards higher engine loads and more dynamic operation has made the reliable control of gas engines within a small operating window more important. High boost pressures in combination with different valve timing strategies are leading to increased demand for gas valves with multi-point injection (MPI) capability for the admission of gas to the engine intake system. Valves of this type are of considerable assistance to gas engine manufacturers.

To meet this customer demand Robert Bosch has developed the port fuel injection (PFI) generation of gas admission valves with MPI. The interaction of the development...


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  • Peter Christiner
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  • Claudia Gasselsdorfer
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  • Markus Schmitzberger
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  1. 1.Robert BoschLinzAustria

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