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Engine Control with Open Software Based on an Industrial PLC

  • Martin Greve
Development Engine Control

The role of control systems as a product differentiator and enabler of new functions has led AVAT Automation to restructure its offering from customer-specific gas engine controllers to control platforms with open software based on industrial PLCs. The openECS concept allows the engine builder maximum scope to further develop products from their own resources and software competencies.


The growing importance of software in terms of engine characteristics has led engine builders to acquire their own software developers to fulfil new requirements for engine flexibility and performance. This demands cooperation models which allow engine builders to rapidly leverage new technologies and relieve the pressure on their development teams while still allowing control over major software elements.

In response, AVAT Automation has developed the openECS engine control platform, employing an industry standard programmable logic controller (PLC) and open software, supplemented by AVAT...


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