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Modular Medium Speed Four-stroke Engine

  • Ulf Åstrand
Cover Story Four-Stroke Engine

In 2015 Wärtsilä launched its W31 medium speed engine platform designed to fulfil customer needs in terms of fuel and operating flexibility and safe, reliable operation in the most demanding applications with emissions compliance on both liquid or gaseous fuels. Highly modularised, the W31’s architecture is conceived to leverage the full benefits of two-stage turbocharging and high pressure fuel injection while also addressing future upgrades and optimised total cost of ownership.

Development Key Drivers

The Wärtsilä 31 engine has been developed in accordance with key drivers originating from customer needs, macro-trends, legislation and environmental sustainability. They can be summarised as:
  • — emissions legislation compliance and sustainability with reduced environmental footprint and compliance with rules and regulations

  • — energy efficiency with best in class engine efficiency

  • — reduced total cost of ownership with improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and competitive...


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